We have just launched the new CFANS Intranet in MyU.
The new address is: https://www.myu.umn.edu/metadot/index.pl?id=8330853

Please update your bookmarks and links; intranet.cfans.umn.edu is no longer used.

Utilizing MyU for our Intranet not only allows us security options, but also more features in working with our content. You will be able to enter the Intranet through the link on the bottom of the CFANS website. You can also log into MyU and go to the College/Unit tab and find the CFANS Intranet link at the top. If you have the CFANS Intranet bookmarked as one of your favorites, you will need to replace it with the following URL: https://www.myu.umn.edu/metadot/index.pl?id=8330853

You will need to login to MyU using your X500 and your X500 password to access the CFANS Intranet.. If you do not have access or have other questions about the intranet, please contact Honey VanderVenter at hvander@umn.edu or: (612) 625-6710.